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Cellular Resource page

Cellular Resource page


Form factors                                                                                                   

Module with all types mount

See Glynstore landing page all types mount here

See telit landing page here

Sheet of some module details...pls ask us for more

Sheet of some module coverage areas relating to bands....pls ask us for more



Telit video of technologies see here

2G - aged and redundant

3G - aged

4G - LTE CAT-3-11 - high bandwidth

  • Signal Bandwidth: 20 MHz 
  • Data Rate: 10-150 Mbps 
  • Battery life of mobile phone: 1-2 days
  • Applications: up to 2 video streams, mobile phones, gateways/routers etc
  • See Telit page for theses types of parts here

4G - LTE CAT-1 - low bandwidth

  • Signal Bandwidth: 1.08 MHz 
  • Data Rate: 10 Mbps down / 5 Mbps up
  • Applications: telemetry, mains power devices
  • Low power
  • Fallback to 3G avail
  • See Telit page for these type of parts here

4G - LTE CAT-M1 - low bandwidth

  • Signal Bandwidth: 1.08 MHz 
  • Data Rate: 1 Mbps 
  • No audio, data only
  • Ideal for IoT
  • Very low power consumption
  • No fallback to 3G
  • See Telit page for these types of parts here

4G - LTE CAT-NB - very low bandwidth

  • Coverage: +20dB than LTE, covers distance of less than 22 Km
  • Frequency spectrum: LTE In-band, Guard Band, Standalone 
  • Signal Bandwidth: 180 KHz 
  • Data Rate: 200 Kbps 
  • Battery life of NB-IoT device: 10 years
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • No audio, data only
  • ideal for IoT
  • No fallback to 3G
  • Not suited for roaming applications
  • See links below for modules/tools
  • See Telit page for these type of parts here


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